This space is my online treasure trove with pots that embody the beauty of the world as I experience it.

My inspiration is summoned from life itself.  I let it find me and move me so that every piece is shaped with subtle depth. Its’ form intentionally illuminates the perfection of imperfection.

Jenny Charles Ceramics Inspiration

Like each of us, each pot is completely unique and belongs as it is. The work is born from a meditative state, enabling the space between to be crafted into my ceramics. Through this contemplative practice function becomes the experience of delight!

Every vessel takes you on a journey.  There are rhythms that naturally enter my work. Colours and contours that reflect the sensation of the seascape and the wonder of the world.  Incorporated are yin and yang, form and formless, light and shadow, the seen and unseen.  This creates balance, reflecting the ebb and flow of nature where beyond function is breath-taking beauty waiting to be witnessed.

My work embraces stories that bring joy to the process and bring the clay alive. I gather treasures that wash up on my metaphoric shore and nurture my desire to bring the landscape nearer. Thus offering a glimpse into the shaping of the world by the elements and humanity. These rhythms and stories have all woven themselves into my work.

I make with my hands and my hands are an extension of my heart, therefore I make with my heart. Now, I extend this towards you, offering an experience to hold life in the palm of your hand and to recognise the intrinsic splendour of all of it and all of us.

If you would like to talk to me about how I can work with you or your organisation please explore the links below. I very much look forward to working with you.