For Galleries

Times have changed greatly from when I first started showing my work both at Fairs and Galleries. I was often approached by Galleries that have seen my work, been recommended by a third party or come across it by other means. This still remains the same today.

With the internet, it is also now easier for images on various platforms to be viewed and contact to be made via emails rather than letter.

It was usual then for artists to supply work for purchase outright, but as I say times have changed.

Many Gallery have closed and the new ones opening usually wish to channel all profits from sales back into promotion. I have been more than happy over recent years to supply work on a sale or return basis, which give more flexibility for both the artist and the Gallery. Formal contracts are appreciated and commission from sales clearly stated.

Ricky Pitcher, Teal Atelier, Blairgowrie

“Jenny Charles is a professional potter whose beautiful ceramics are in high demand. Her wonderful large blue vessels looked fabulous in our window last December.

Christmas Shoppers were literally stopping in their tracks and entering my gallery to ask about them.

Jenny’s whimsical “Tonte” figurines (red capped Father Christmases) were our best selling craft item, bringing a smile to the faces of all who saw them.”